Who are we?

Tilton designs and manufactures thermoformed plastic packaging which respects the highest quality standards and minimizes environmental impacts.


During the past 30+ years, our team has perfected all stages of the package production process, from design, to sourcing raw materials to delivery of the finished product.

We supply packaging that highlight our clients’ brands and their products, thus ensuring their success.


Adhere to the highest quality standards and exploit our team’s full potential, know-how and expertise.


Maintain the confidence of our clients and suppliers and be attentive to their needs; and call on the creativity of our personnel to develop better products.


Respond to the needs of the foods and health industries with a range of products that is vaster, more accessible and environmentally responsible than ever before.


Manufacturing excellence

Tilton built its reputation by being at the forefront of the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries’ rapid growth, due to its rigor, expertise and concern for the environment. Today, the company is a leader in North America’s packaging industry.

Social commitment

Tilton regards giving back to the community as a key social responsibility. Our team is motivated and happy to take on the challenge.

People in need

Tilton finally supports several causes. These include la Tablée des chefs, Leucan, la Fondation Gilles Kègle, la Fondation Chevalerie Passion, l’atelier Le Coup-de-main and la Fondation des maladies du cœur.

Healthy living

Tilton cares about the wellbeing of its employees, its partners and their close ones. The company supports le Rouge et Or, Patro Laval, Défi ski Affaires and Défi ski Leucan.

The next generation

Tilton organizes a design competition with industrial design students at the Cégep de Sainte-Foy, a local community college.

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Québec 418 878-6100

Montréal 514 848-7150

Toronto 416 391-4947


Tilton is founded.


First expansion of our 30,000 square foot plant.

Launch of the first packages made from CPET, for use in packaging prepared meals; these were at the origin of out FORNO line… which was created 30 years later!


Opening of our mold and tooling department, a first step towards vertical integration at Tilton.


Tilton reorganizes and progresses into an ultramodern world.

Robotics are installed which enable the company to double its production and efficacy.


Tilton invests massively to enlarge and integrate its Exton extrusion division, which enables it to entirely control its raw materials supply.

The company further innovates by creating the compostable BIOGO product line.


Third expansion phase since 2004. Tilton increases its production area, and implements state-of-the-art technologies in several departments.